With the opening of the Cadillac Farmers Market this week, thoughts naturally turn to food. Luckily, there has been quite a selection of food-related tidbits in the news recently. 


Food trucks have become purveyors of interesting cuisines, but a truck in Flint is bringing a new twist to an old favorite. Macho Doggs are bigger than a normal hot dog and are served on a king Hawaiian cluster bun. All the Doggs are a foot long. 


“The top seller is the Marmaduke, a steak-loaded hot dog with queso cheese, sauteed peppers and onions. The Bird Dogg, topped with crispy chicken, bacon, queso cheese and scallions, is second on the list.” Mlive recognized Macho Doggs as one of Michigan’s best local eats. (


A fully loaded Dogg may be a bit much for some folks, so the Food Network touts some over-the-top breadless sandwiches. “These easy-to-make-at-home reinventions are here to save us from our summer sandwich slump.”


For breakfast, they suggest a hash bagel. “Start the day off right. Mix prepared horseradish into cream cheese and spread over a hash brown patty. Top with your favorite smoked fish, thinly sliced scallions and another hash brown patty.” 


Later in the day might be a time for a collard Reuben. “Steam lightly salted collard leaves until just shy of tender, then lay them out in an overlapping circle. Wrap around corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, and serve with Russian dressing.”

For these, you try them first while I finish a Marmaduke washed down with a Faygo Red Pop. (


These offerings are original, to say the least, but sometimes you just want something cheap and easy. BuzzFeed has a list of these. “We all have go-to, low-effort meals we make when we're craving something comforting and nostalgic. Some may deem them lowbrow or lazy — but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable.”


Italian cuisine does not need to be fancy. “Pizza bread is the absolute best. It's white bread, spaghetti sauce, and American cheese. Pop it into the oven until the cheese is melty and the bottom of the bread is nice and toasty."


Simple food can even have military precision. “A can of condensed tomato soup mixed with a can of condensed cheese soup over your choice of pasta noodles. My grandpa called it Army food, but it's so delicious." See more at:


Some foods are simple, but others can be tricky. has compiled a rather surprising roster of “Eleven Surprisingly Bad Foods for Your Waistline.” They observe: “Added sugar is hiding in many common packaged 'health' foods for flavor and texture. Other so-called health foods are loaded with excess added fats. Even “low-fat” or “low-sugar” foods contain processed ingredients that lack nutrition and can add to tummy bloat.”


One example they note is fat-free fruit yogurt. “Flavored yogurts are one of the worst foods for your waistline. Some form of sugar is usually the second ingredient after milk; some yogurts pack over twenty grams, most of it added, in a serving.” 

They don't recommend protein bars. “Most protein bars are among the worst foods for your waistline, containing twenty grams of various forms of added sugars that work against weight loss, plus forms of protein (like whey or soy protein isolate) and added fiber (chicory root) that make many people bloated.” Nine more at:


When it does come to consuming something that is unquestionably good for you, says to consider the common watermelon. “Watermelon is a refreshing fruit that is easy to use and has several benefits. These include being high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as well as a great source of hydration. Plus, watermelon is delicious.”


This time of year, for instance, it's a wise person who stays hydrated. “Watermelon consists of around ninety-one percent water. This makes it a great source of hydration, especially during hotter months when dehydration is more of a risk. Alongside drinking water, eating foods with high water content is important for many bodily functions: regulating body temperature, delivering nutrients to cells, keeping joints lubricated, helping organs function as they should, and preventing infections.” 


The study also claims watermelon helps to improve heart health, reduce inflammation in the body, and improve digestive health. In terms of brain health: “Antioxidants in watermelon may help improve brain health, preventing chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.” (


Finally, sometimes when it comes to food you just want to throw caution to the wind. As you travel down a highway, would you be lured in by a Cheez-It-themed rest stop? “Cheez-It is inviting road travelers to visit its unique rest stop experience in Joshua Tree, California (between Los Angeles and San Diego). The company has transformed the location into the biggest, cheesiest roadside attraction to ever grace America’s beloved highways.” (


What's there? “Those who visit the location can fuel up with the world’s first and only Cheez-It Pump designed to pump Cheez-It bags into a vehicle. Guests can also buy Cheez-It-related memorabilia and hard-to-find Cheez-It flavors.” 


It will be easy to spot who has visited that rest stop. Everyone in the car will have orange cheez-dust fingers. 


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