Here are some great holiday websites the entire family will enjoy.

HOW CHRISTMAS WORKS -- HOW HANUKKAH WORKS -- HOW KWANZA WORKS: Answers every question about these holidays.


CLAUS.COM-- Wonderful site with hours of activities and even a Naughty-Or-Nice-O-Meter.


GREETINGS FROM AROUND THE WORLD -- How to give holiday greetings in several languages.


FREE FUN CHRISTMAS -- Christmas Recipes, Homemade Gifts or Christmas Decorations, Christmas Coloring Pages, and a selection of downloadable Letters To and Letters From Santa. 


CHRISTMAS LINKS AND ACTIVITIES -- Lots of things to see and do.


CHRISTMAS RECIPES FOR KIDS --Thirty recipes that will keep kids busy in the kitchen.


101 KIDZ HANUKKAH -- Lots of fun things, from jokes to games and more.


HOLIDAY CRAFT PROJECTS -- How to make all sorts of things with materials you have around the house.


CHRISTMAS QUIZ -- Tests your knowledge about Christmas.


CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS QUIZ -- See how much you know about the classic Christmas program.


INTERNET4CLASSROOM CHRISTMAS -- Thirty-one Christmas sites for use in the classroom. Of course, you can use them at home too. you can even play a game of checkers with Santa. 


ELF YOURSELF -- Interactive page that let's you put the faces of you and yours on dancing elves. Then you can e-mail the link to others. Hilarious!


BROWNIELOCKS & THREE BEARS CHRISTMAS PAGE -- All kinds of games, sing-a-longs, and jokes.


CHRISTMAS FUN -- Games, videos, movies, activities, music, jokes, and more. There's even a fireplace video and a place to share your random act of kindness. 


NORTH POLE -- Includes a "Good Deeds Calendar" to print out and use, plus many teaching tools.


NORAD TRACKS SANTA -- Keep tabs on Santa's flight path with NORAD radar.


SANTA CLAUS LIVE -- Internet TV shows live shots of Santa's workshop.


REINDEER CAM -- Watch the reindeer 24 hours a day. Watch Santa feed the reindeer at 11 AM, 6 PM, and 9 PM.